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Tasks and functions


Land Forces (hereinafter referred to as "LF") task - to ensure preparation of LF units for the Lithuanian Army tasks implementation.



LF soldiers during preparation for ISAF operation in Afghanistan (2011)

Pictures by 1st LT A. Česnauskas 


By implementing the task LF perform these functions:

  1. Prepare LF training plans
  2. Organize LF troops training for accomplishment of the assigned tasks;
  3. Conduct necessary LF specialists military training;
  4. Organize Lithuanian Army Reserve exercises and training;
  5. Gather information and data necessary for the implementation of LF task, conduct its analysis;
  6. Achieve and maintain established LF capabilities;
  7. Organize effective use of military enginery and equipment, and maintenance of other assets;
  8. Prepare LF programmed budget request, put forward proposals for budget and non-budget estimate adjustments and additional budget assignations;
  9. Initiate preparation and implementation of investment projects (except those implemented at the strategic level);
  10. Implement LF international cooperation plans;
  11. By order of the Commander-in-Chief of Lithuanian Armed Forces appoint capabilities for operational command to the Chief of staff of Joint Staff;
  12. Ensure implementation of national law, legal acts and orders, and maintain servicemen discipline at LF;
  13. Implement LF personnel management;
  14. Train LF servicemen and ensure proper work conditions for them;
  15. Represent Lithuanian Army by participating within possibilities in common events with local society and by informing society about its activities;
  16. Provide assistance to state and municipal institutions by responding to threats of a non-military nature;
  17. Collect information on identified lessons, and make suggestions to Joint Staff and the Commander-in-Chief of Lithuanian Armed Forces;
  18. Provide suggestions to the Commander-in-Chief of Lithuanian Armed Forces on the development of capabilities.


LF can conduct other functions determinated by laws and other rules, related to the LF activity.




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