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Air Force Maintenance Depot



Taking into account the requirements for the Lithuanian Armed Forces after joining NATO and developing the Structure of the Armed Forces of Lithuanian Air Forces (LAF), on the 1 October 2004, LAF Airbases No. 1 and No. 2 were reorganized into LAF Airbase and LAF maintenance Depot following the order of the Minister of National Defence V-901 „Concerning the reorganization and the establishment of the Lithuanian Air Force of the Lithuanian Armed Forces units", released on 18th August 2004. The work of the specialist from the LAF Armament and Equipment Repair Depot is one of the most responsible in the military, because every step of the work on the aircraft and other armament and equipment is well-documented and every operation must be personally signed off by the coresponding specialist. This guarantees the specialist‘s complete legal responsibility for his work quality and the safety of the flight pasengers on his aircraft from the technical point of view.  Main tasks: to perform periodical works of maintenance as well as minor and medium repair on LAF armament and equipment under the field conditions and in the permanent deployment locations, also to support the operations of the military units maintaining this armament and equipment and  to perform the periodical service and repair works of armament and equipment, to guarantee the high service quality and to modernize armament and equipment based on the established implementation plans.









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